Seminar Series

Health Policy Research Seminar

Spring 2007

January 24
John Ellwood
January 26
Eric Oliver
“Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America's Obesity Epidemic”
February 7
Rucker Johnson
“The Influence of Early-Life Events on Human Capital, Health Status, and Labor Market Outcomes over the Life Course”
February 14
Christopher Parker
“Assessing Race-of-Interviewer Effects in the Absence of Racial Items: The Case of Democratic Norms”
February 21
Alexandra Kalev
“Organizational Structures and Workforce Diversity: Toward a Theory of 11:00a-12:30pthe Remediation of Inequality”
February 28
Jeffrey Alexander
“Cross-Functional Team Processes and Patient Functional Improvement in VA Mental Health Facilities”
March 2
Richard Hall
“Lobbyists, Legislators, and Regulators in Health Rulemaking”
March 7
Anthony Chen
“The Forgotten Origins of Affirmative Action in Higher Education, 1961-1969”
March 14
Jordan Matsudaira
“The Effect of Minimum Staffing Ratios on Patient Outcomes and the Labor Market for Nurses: Devastatingly Preliminary Thoughts on the Case of California Nursing Homes”
March 21
Robert Mickey
“Race and the Periodization of American Political History”
April 2
Michael Anderson
“The Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Heart Disease: Evidence from Whitehall
April 11
Aaron Panofsky
“Managing ‘Controversy Entrepreneurship’ in Behavior Genetics”
April 18
Naomi Murakawa
“The Origins of the Carceral Crisis: Race and the Nationalization of Crime Control since the Fair Deal”
May 2
RWJ Aspen Rehearsals:
     Aaron Panofsky
May 3
Anna Aizer
“Biology, Stress, and the Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Status”
May 11
RWJ Aspen Rehearsals:
     Anthony Chen
     Christopher Parker
May 14
RWJ Aspen Rehearsals:
     Robert Mickey      
May 16
RWJ Aspen Rehearsals:
     Michael Anderson
     Naomi Murakawa
     Jordon Matsudaira

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