Seminar Series

Health and Social Science Research Seminar

Fall 2007

HSSR Seminar List PDF

August 28
Neil Smelser
“The Practitioner-Patient Relationship and Its Evolution over Time: Special Focus on Conflicts of Interest”
August 30
No Seminar – American Political Science Association Conference
September 4
No Seminar
September 6
No Seminar
September 11
Robert Anderson
“What Do We Get for Our Health Expenditures?”
September 13
No Seminar
September 18
Jonah Levy
“US Health Care and Social Protection”
September 20
Neil Smelser
“Inequality in the Delivery of Health Services: The Special Case of Race”
September 25
Robert Anderson
“Markets and Market Failure in Health Care”
September 27
Jonah Levy
“US Health Care Reform in Comparative Perspective”
September 28
12:30 - 3:30pm
Second Year Scholar Presentations
October 2
Laura Schmidt
“A Peculiar Institution: How the Market Metaphor Came to Organize Health Care in America ”
November 6
Robert Kagan
“On Government Regulation: A Sociolegal Perspective”
November 8
Botond Koszegi