Seminar Series

American Health Care System Seminar

Fall 2007

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August 28
Joan Bloom
“Overview of the U.S. Health System: Access, Costs, Quality, and Outcomes of Care”
August 30
No Seminar – American Political Science Association Conference
September 4
Thomas Rundall
“The Problem of the Uninsured in the U.S.
September 6
Stephen Shortell
“Variation in Quality and Outcomes of Care”
September 11
John Ellwood
“Health Programs Budgeting at the National Level”
September 13
William Dow
“Health Savings Accounts”
September 18
Richard Scheffler
“How Do We Know When We Have Too Many or Too Few Doctors?”
September 20
Ralph Catalano
“Long-Term Care and Mental Health”
September 25
Jodi Halpern
“Ethical Considerations in Health Care”
(with RWJF Health & Society Scholars)
September 27
Harold Luft
“Getting to Where You Want to Be, But Doing It the Hard Way: Employment-Based Financing vs. Employment-Based Coverage”
October 2
Charlene Harrington
“Long Term Care Research and Policy Issues”
October 4
Wade Aubry
“Issues in Health Technology, Comparative Effectiveness, & Coverage with Evidence Development”
October 9
Joan Bloom
Richard Scheffler
“Summary, Feedback, and Wrap-up”
October 11
Daniel Dohan
“From Theory to Practice in American Health Policy Research: The Role and Perceived Need for Transdisciplinary Approaches”
November 13
Carroll Estes
Helene Lipton
UCSF Session: “Medicare Reform, with Emphasis on Medicare Part D” tentative title)
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