Seminar Series

Health and Social Science Research Seminar

Fall 2006

August 29
Robert Anderson
"What Do We Get for Our Health Expenditures?"
August 31
No Meeting due to APSA Convention
September 5
Jonah Levy
"US Health Care and Social Protection"
September 7
Karen Albright
"Introduction and Inequalities I: Community Effects on Health"
September 12
Robert Anderson
"Markets and Market Failure in Health Care"
September 14
Jonah Levy
"US Health Care Reform in Comparative Perspective"
September 19
Joshua Guetzkow
"Inequalities II: Race and the Delivery of Health Services; and Mental Health Care and Social Control"
September 21
Enrico Moretti
"Biology as Destiny?"
September 22
Second Year Scholar Presentations
September 26
Sharon Kaufman
"Anthropology and the Culture of Medicine"
September 28
Taeku Lee
"Public Opinion and Health Care "