Seminar Series

American Health Care System Seminar

Fall 2006

Reader Volume I
Reader Volume II

August 29
Joan Bloom
"Overview of the U.S. Health System: Access, Costs, Quality, and Outcomes of Care"
September 5
Jim Bellows and Linda Rudolph
"Variation in Quality and Outcomes of Care”"
September 7
S. Leonard Syme
"The Prevention of Disease and the Promotion of Health: The Need for a New Policy Approach"
September 12
William Dow
"Health Savings Accounts: Implications for Health Spending"
September 14
John Ellwood
"How We Budget for Health Programs at the National Level"
September 19
Richard Scheffler
"Medical Work Force"
September 21
Wade Aubry
"Issues in Health Technology - Biotech, Pharma-tech, and Info-tech"
September 26
James Robinson
"Physician Payment Incentives on a Consumer-Driven Health Care System"
September 28
Ray Catalano
"Long-Term Care and Mental Health"
October 3
Charlene Harrington
"Long-Term Care and the Elderly"
October 5
Jodi Halpern
"Ethical Considerations in Health Care"
October 9
Joan Bloom and John Ellwood
"Summary, Feedback, and Wrap-up"
October 12
Carroll Estes (UCSF Session)
"Medicare Part D"
October 19
Daniel Dohan (UCSF Session)
"Health Inequity across Disciplines"
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