Jonah D. Levy
Department of Political Science

Jonah Levy received his Ph.D. in political science from MIT in 1994. He teaches courses in the areas of comparative political economy, West European politics, and social policy. Levy's current research examines the relationship between partisanship and welfare reform in contemporary Western Europe. His publications include: Tocqueville's Revenge: State, Society, and Economy in Contemporary France (Harvard University Press, 1999); "Vice into Virtue? Progressive Politics and Welfare Reform in Continental Europe," Politics and Society, June 1999; "Directing Adjustment? The Politics of Welfare Reform in France," in Fritz Scharpf and Vivienne Schmidt (eds.), From Vulnerability to Competitiveness: Welfare and Work in the Open Economy, (Oxford University Press); "Globalization, Liberalization, and National Capitalisms," Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, March 1997; and "The Twin Restorations: The Political Economy of the Reagan and Thatcher 'Revolutions'," (with Robert Kagan and John Zysman), in Lee-Jay Cho and Y. H. Kim (eds.), Ten Paradigms of Market Economies.